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Take Care of Yer Friends

Posted by John Murry on

Friend is a word that I don't throw around,Though its used and abused, I still like the sound.I save it for people who've done right by me,And I know I can't on if ever need be.Some of my friends drive big limousines,Own ranches and banks and visit with queens.And some of my friends are up to...

Two Paths of Life

Posted by John Murry on

There is a legend among Native Americans concerning the two paths of life.   One path slopes gently down some low hills to the valley below.  The legend says that this is a broad and easy path, but it leads into the desert where death waits. The other path winds upward over a steep...

Old Geezers

Posted by John Murry on

“Geezers” (slang for an old man) are easy to spot: At sporting events, during the playing of the National Anthem, Old Geezers hold their caps over their hearts and sing without embarrassment. They know the words and believe in them. Old Geezers remember the Depression, World War...