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A Study In Joshua

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For many the Bible presents mystifying challenges, especially in the narrative portions of the Old Testament, like Joshua. Nevertheless we will see, Joshua is as marvelous as it is at first mysterious. Joshua will teach us about the unfailing promises of God springing from his unfailing faithfulness. It will teach us about the justice of God against sin and the great mercy of God toward sinners. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that this is a book about heaven and hell, sin and salvation, it is about Jesus and it is about you, in the tweny-first-century.
What Israel ultimately needs is something much greater than a plot of land on which to live Joshua and the people will settle the land, but they will also die there because of sin's curse. What they need is a cross and a new creation. And while the story of Joshua doesn't get us all the way there, It makes us long for this cross and for a city whose maker and builder is God, for a heavenly city, for a new creation in which everything is right and everything is at rest.
It will take some work to follow the Bible's lead in making these connections, but we will make them before we're done, and the journey will be worth it. As we read and study together, may we rejoice in a fuller vision of the kind of Savior Christ is, the kind of people Christ saves, and the kind of salvation Christ brings.
Step in and claim your Promised Land.