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What to Expect

At The Worship Center, you will find a church with something for everyone, from the very young to the very old! We want everyone to feel welcome, no matter who you are, where you are from or how you are dressed.

A Warm Greeting

A heartfelt greeting is part of what makes a church a church. No matter what question you might have just ask. Our greeters are there to help you get settled and comfortable.

Center Cafe

Every Sunday morning, the cafe area at the back of the church opens at 9:30, offering complimentary donuts, juice, coffee and fruit.  It is a place to fellowship with old friends and make new friends.  


Expect to be noticed. Expect people to say something like, “Hi, we haven’t met before, is this your first time?”. Expect for people to reach out to you in love.


We love music. A typical service at The Worship Center begins with praise and worship. The worship team will sometimes sing to prerecorded tracks, and sometimes use live instruments. They are there to lead us in worship, not entertain us with a performance.  Our music is mostly contemporary, with some traditional mixed in. Some songs are slow, some are upbeat, and some are fast! Sometimes hands will raise in worship, sometimes they will clap to the beat!

The Message

Senior Pastor Jason Murry brings us God's word in love each week.  His presentation makes the message easy to understand and apply to our lives.  Many of his messages have personal examples and anecdotes mixed in.  As a father of three adult daughters and one young son, he is able to relate to the congregation with understanding!