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Beware the Eclipse!

Posted by Dawn Peacock on

Have you heard about the coming eclipse (August 21)? Weeks ago I ordered our family the special eclipse viewing glasses to protect our eyes as we watch the progression. I am ready!

Now, eclipses happen from time to time. In fact there is an annular eclipse every year or two. Those look like a ring of fire. The one coming this month is a TOTAL eclipse. There will not be a ring of fire. The sun will go out. Completely. (For just few minutes!) The last total eclipse over the United States happened in 1979.

Both types of eclipses are caused by the moon coming between us and the sun. The difference is, this time, the moon will be closer to the earth. The closer something is, the bigger it seems. In fact, I can "eclipse" the sun with my thumb. Because my thumb is so close to my eyes, I can hold it up and not see the sun at all. The moon is nowhere as big as the sun. Over 64 million moons could fit inside the sun. And yet, because it will be close to us, and between us and the sun, it will totally block the sun out.

I'm feeling some parallels here!

Jesus is the light of the world. He is our "sun." But when we let little things get between us and our Sun, and we hold them too close, or make them too important, they will block that light from our sight. The light is still there. But our vision is filled with something else. What is the moon that causes your eclipse? Worry, fear, bitterness, hatred, sports, parties, children, careers can all become moons in our lives blocking out the light we need. Don't stay in that eclipse! Let it pass through, and get back in the light!

Stay safe if you watch the skies on August 21! Use proper eye protection. Being a tough guy will not save you from blindness if you look at the sun before the few minutes that it is 100% covered.

Praise God for the light he is in our lives!


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