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Over Four Years Now!

Posted by Dawn Peacock on

It is hard for me to believe that I have been leading worship at TheWorship Center for over four years now.  As the "Worship Leader" there is so much that I have to consider.  Are the songs we sing directed to God or ourselves (or empty?)  Are the lyrics accurate?  Is the melody pleasing?  Do the people respond? (Should I care if the people respond?) Is there a good mix of upbeat and slow songs?  When should we schedule practices?  Should we reschedule practices when several can't make it or should we practice with just a few?  Who can we add to the team?

And so on, and so on...

Let me be frank.  Sometimes I don't want to be the Worship Leader.  Sometimes I feel like I'm not nearly good enough at it.  Over and over I feel my own inadequacies.  Then God reminds me of what I need to do.

Take away the capital letters.

I need to stop being the "Worship Leader" and just be a worship leader.  I need to stop treating it like a title or a job.  To be a leader, simply means to go first.  Too often, I try to push people to worship.  But I can't push if I'm in front, going first.  So, I have decided that I am GLAD to be a worship leader.  I will go first, leading in worship, and whether anyone follows or not is up to them, not me!

Will you lead with me? 

Will you go ahead of your family and friends, giving God your worship willingly and sincerely?  Will you live a life of worship before your coworkers or total strangers who cross your path? I'm not talking about going around singing all the time...that is just one expression of worship. I'm talking about a lifestyle that lifts up Jesus Christ.  I'm talking about staying focused on what He has bought for you and me at Calvary.  I'm talking about a heart filled with joy that Jesus paid everything for your freedom.  Maybe that means re-surrendering your heart to God.  Maybe that means doing some spiritual spring cleaning.   Ask yourself every morning, "How can I worship Him with my life today?"

Let's be a church filled with worship leaders!  (And if anyone wants the title with the capital letters, let me know!)


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