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Crossing a "Lot" off our Prayer List!

Posted by Karen Rogers on

It's so exciting when an answer to prayer comes.   One of the cards we pray over every week has to do with finances.  Provision for parking lot improvement has been our request for a couple years!  We are excited that we are going to be able to cross part of that off our list....and continue to pray for the whole parking lot to be complete!

We also pray for the businesses in our church family.  Praying that they will put God first and He will direct their steps and that they will prosper.  We leo pray for every family that God will bless them in the workplace, promote them and give them raises.  And also for those are are searching for jobs, that God would direct their paths and give them favor.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to walk in His ways and He wants us to prosper in every way.  He wants to work in the earth to reach the lost through our testimony, but also through our finances.  It's a complete circle:  He gives us the ability and strength to work and create an income for our needs and family, then to give back to Him and then even more are reached for the Kingdom.  A beautiful plan!


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