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December Notes from the Prayer Room

Posted by Karen Rogers on

Notes from the Prayer Room

Each week it is a privilege to pray over pastors, leaders and helpers here at the Worship Center. This month I would like to focus on Pastors John and Paulette Murry. It's a great celebration month of 40 years of ministry.

Love never fails! That's the message that Pastor John started with and still remains with. They have preached it, lived it, preached it again and lived it some more! We are grateful for their dedication and their love for the Lord.

As we pray for them on Wednesdays, we pray for health, for strength, and endurance. We pray they will be refreshed in their bodies, in their minds and in their spirits. We pray that God will provide everything they need for this time of their lives. We are thankful that they are strong witnesses for the Lord wherever they are. We also pray for their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren......that all will come to know salvation, walk with the Lord and walk in the purposes God has for them. We battle for them and their families for we know the enemy does not want them to succeed. And we know

that ......love never fails!
What a privilege to pray for this family!