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A Prayer for the New Year

Posted by Dawn Peacock on

What a busy holiday season! With all that went on this past month, I failed to write a super-clever New Year article for the Encourager. In lieu of my own words, I want to share a prayer that Billy Graham wrote for the New Year in 2008. This prayer from Billy Graham, written for The Saturday...

Beware the Eclipse!

Posted by Dawn Peacock on

Have you heard about the coming eclipse (August 21)? Weeks ago I ordered our family the special eclipse viewing glasses to protect our eyes as we watch the progression. I am ready! Now, eclipses happen from time to time. In fact there is an annular eclipse every year or two. Those look like a...

Heaven On Earth

Posted by Dawn Peacock on

Although I often write and talk about how worship is so much more than the portion of our church services devoted to singing or voicing praise, that time is definitely a large part of worship.  It not only brings glory to god, but it lifts our own spirits as well.  When we speak, (or...

It's Been a Good Year

Posted by Dawn Peacock on

It's December??? How did it sneak up on me so soon? But I say, bring it on! I love this season. At the beginning of 2016, I started a personal project. I placed two containers next to my bed, labeled "Good Day," and "Bad Day." Next to them I placed a stack of index cards. Every night before I...

Over Four Years Now!

Posted by Dawn Peacock on

It is hard for me to believe that I have been leading worship at TheWorship Center for over four years now.  As the "Worship Leader" there is so much that I have to consider.  Are the songs we sing directed to God or ourselves (or empty?)  Are the lyrics accurate?  Is the...